Friday, April 29, 2011

Creating Routes in Goggle Maps

I used to create Maps in Google Maps. Recently it has heen a point of irritation to me. Regardless of whether I create the route by "line" or "along roads". There seems to be some pointer problem. The waypoint may not always appear at the point you clicked.

Creating the route by "along roads" method is worst. The pointer will simply jump about. The trace lines may disappear for no reason. Worst of all, the resultant route may have all the waypoints but the distance indicated is not the full length. The "show the driving direction" feature was also cut short in this way.

I tried to plot the route by line then turn on "along roads". The result is the same. The route is cut short despite showing all the waypoints.

One other thing is that the "line" mode end of line clicking is hell. I don't seem to be able to click the same point to end the edit mode.

No matter what I tried I could not correct the problem. It has been like that for almost a year already and there seems to be no remedy.

IEndomondo has route creation feature also. The editing of the route is a bit crude and I cannot add additional waypoints along the route after it has been created.

Look like I am stuck with Google Map and had to live with the problem or quite creating routes all together.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I installed Quick Settings and it does not seem to be able to enable the 3G whenever I requires it. It is able to disable the 3G. Tried as I might, it just don't work properly.

I discovered that by pressing the on/off switch for 5 seconds, you will get a menu where there is an option to turn on/off 3G. I tried it and it can turn on the 3G while the Quick Settings was killed. If "Quick Settings" is on then it behaves weirdly.

My final decision is to take out "Quick Settings" completely. Now I can just turn on/off 3G easily using the on/off switch.

The only thing I missed is the other switches in "Quick Settings" like WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. However, there are widgets that could turn on/off the three devices. Just that they take up three spaces in the handphone display panel.

According to what I have read in internet, apps turning on/off 3G are not very successful. I am glad HTC already provided the facility.

Friday, April 01, 2011

SP not found

When you try to setup Replication in SQL Server and you encounter Error 2812 "Stored Procedure" not found. Basically you will be lost for answers.

The actual problem could be in the creating of the distributor. For example, my labtop is a XP when I create a distributor, it promps a "XP agent" error 15281.

The creation process is then just terminated without it being fully completed. It is possible then the necessary SP is not setup properly. I did not actually test the setup of the publisher in such condition. I actually make change to the "SQL Server Surface Area Configuration" on "Features" and checked "enable OPENROWSET..." immediately before reconfiguring the distributor.

The reconfiguration of the distributor is quite straight forward. Right click on the Replication icon and then choose "Distributor properties". Click on "Publisher" and un-check what ever you have set earlier. Add the same publisher to it and you can create local publication now.