Sunday, February 24, 2013

HSBC Tree Top Walk

HSBC Tree Top Walk is a trail that includes a hanging bridge. Half of the trail is actually constructed on wooden bridges. There is no direct vehicle access to the trail. The nearest access is at Venus Drive. The total distance to the trail and back is about 7KM. The opening hours is 9-5. The advice is to reach Ranger Stn by 4.30pm otherwise don't go in else the gate will be closed.

Hikers can access to the trail by car from the Carpark at Venus Dr. Those who commute on Buses can take bus to Flame tree pk (stop no. 53079) or Opposite Faber Gdn (stop no. 53081,, 53061). Bus number available is 132, 163, 165, 166, 167, 855, 980.

The trail starts at the carpark.

Follow the foot path into the carpark and you will see a trail on the left of the foot path.
Go on the trail. There is a stream on the side of the trail. You can find small fish swimming in it. On the way you will see a road that goes parallel to you. There is a trail on the left. That trail is Terentang Trail from MacRitchie. Follow the trail till you hit Country Club Rd. Go along the road and you will see a trail on the left. Don't go into it unless you planned to take the longer trail. That trail is part of Terentang Trail.

Go further down about 150 Meters and you will see another trail on the left. Go into it. Use the left trail when you hit a trail junction. Turn right when you hit another trail junction. The Ranger Stn is right in front of you.
Go to the left of the Ranger Stn and enter the trail. Turn right on the trail and follow along the trail. From this point onward it is all up hills. There is a signboard that shows you where is the Bridge.
You will see a wooden stair case that goes upwards after a while. At the end of which is the hanging bridge.
Now, if you goes during week days, it is free. On week ends and holidays, you need to pay $1 per entry. Children and senior citizen is 50 cents. A word of caution. There is no turning back once you are on the bridge. Scared or not you will have to span the 250M length. It will sway a bit when strong wind blows. It is otherwise stable.

At the end of the hanging bridge is a series of wooden stairs up and down. There are huts along the way for you to rest. It is a long wooden bridge. There is even a stream that runs under it.

On the way you will cut across Riffle Range Rd trail. There is a bridge across the trail.
Cross the trail and go onto the bridge. Continue down the bridged trail till you hit a trail. That is the Sime Track. Turn left on to the track and follow the path till you hit a hut. The Ranger Stn is just a couple of meters down. Go hack on the same trail you came from or use the longer Terentang Trail instead.

Don't worry about getting lost. If you go in the morning, there will be plenty of people walking or jogging along the trail. Using paper map is not so helpful especially when you are lost. If you are savvy in handphone app. You can download a offline map app and follow the map. My recommendation is to use OSMAnd or ViewRanger. The latter can even allow you to plot a route so that you could follow it. Uploading a trail to OSMAnd for use as a navigation guide is for more technical person. I like it because it has voice navigation.

The following is a trail that you could download as a guide.