Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Segar to CCK

This route starts from Segar LRT. It is a 90% PCN route. The original plan is to do a 100% PCN but decide to deviate a bit and go through Chestnut area instead.

The route started with a bit directional confusion. The GPS is also quite unstable at the begining. Anyhow, there is nothing much to mention along the way until the route goes along KJE. A group of people built a permanent race course for Radio controlled model car. Further down, there is even a wooden BMX track for those kids who likes the feeling of flying on a very uneven course. It is called Gravitize Adventure Zone.
The ZhengHua PC is actually a park.
Since there is no big flowers to look at, I began looking for tiny flowers.  Common Asystasia is available all over the place.
An even smaller one is Creeping Ruellia.
After walking a while, caught sight of this flower called Akar Mempelas. Nice flower and bulb.
The route continues without any other nice plants or features to catch hold of till this super tiny Malayan Eyebright. It is so small (less than 5 mm) that one can easily walked by without noticing. Luckily my cheapo Nicon can zoom in. It took several try to get this slightly blurred picture.
Sulphur Alder or White Adler flower picture is taken along Chestnut Ave besides a condo showroom.
Two Hibiscus flower is taken along the unknown PC.
This Lavender Sorrel picture is taken along Hillview Rd.
Oriental Hawksbeard is another tiny road side flower. I like the fluffy seed.
This Ruellia simplex sticks out of some condo's fence. It is so unique that I can't help but take a picture of it.
Saw this Green Aralia flower along the Little Guilin area. The white balance is abit out. This is the first time I saw the flower.
How could I not take the picture of the Little GuiLin.
The trip ended at Chua Chu Kang MRT. It is about 10 KM. The walking speed is slightly fast (2.5hr).

The GPS trail map is here.

The full picture album is at Picasa Web

P.S The flora names was easy to find. It is the first time I am able to complete the search within hours since I started to take pictures of flora and naming them.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Kallang to Tai Seng

This route is comprised of Kallang PC, Pelton Canal PC, Balam PC and Paya Lebar PC. I have not been to the various PC before except the first one. Pelton Canal PC is the latest completed PC that connects between Kallang PC and Balam PC.

Actually, I don't expect much from Pelton PC as, like most new PC, it is usually quite empty when new. I was aiming for the older Balam PC.

The route started from Kallang PC. Just behind the MRT there is a small garden. You can find Glaucous Cassia grown there.
In between the plants, I found this Fragrant Flatsedge.
I don't know why it is called Pig Grass for this plant. Probably they used it to feed pigs in olden times. It was found along the Kallang PC.
This unknown named plant was found besides Housing board blocks.
This Glory Flower has a nice purplish color. If I am not wrong it is a herbal plant.
I just love this Blue Pea Vine. It is climing on the fence.
This unknown flower grows outside a fenced garden. Interestingly it is watered like those in the fence.
By now I am in a unnamed path after the Kallang PC. Probably it is part of the Pelton Canal PC. There is a tunnel that goes under the Geylang Bahru road.
This Dwarf pineapple grows behind a clinic. It is probably a private garden.
The Madagascar Dragon Tree grows on both sides of the overhead pedestrian bridge.
Took a picture on the overhead bridge in the direction of the Pelton PC. This bridge spans across the PIE. If you look around, there are a number of elevated roads all around.
This Skunk Vine grows beside the PIE. I had to climb over a railing to get the picture. It is truly a skunk vine. The smell is terrible. I didn't know the name while I was there and was puzzled by the smell. It didn't smell like something rotten. Just a stinking smell which I never smell before.
As expected, the new PC is quite empty except a few young trees. This Handkerchief tree looks nice.
Near the end of the new PC, I came across short grass like plant with some lonely flower grown on it. I skipped the picture taking as it is just not nice although I have never taken one on this plant before. As I enter ballam PC, I had a nice surprise. It is grown full of the same plant. It is called Apostle Plant. The name probably derived from the 12 apostles of Jesus as the plant do not flower till it has 12 leaves. It is also called the Walking yellow iris due to its way of producing new plants by extending the flowering stalk till it touches the ground away from the mother plant before new growth. Such interesting plant it is.
This tall Oleander is almost too high to take picture. I stood and raised my hand all the way to take this picture. Luckily my hand is still steady. This one is found in a garden between HDB blocks.
White Mussaenda has different colored leaves near the flower. From far, the leaves look like flower till you get near and see the actual flower.
This Loropetalum chinense don't seem to have a common name.

I just love blue color flowers. This Blue Twilight was not at the PC but is further out near the carpark. I can't help but walked over to take a snap of it.
The Rose Cactus has a funny shaped fruit. It looked like it is cut into half. Again this is in a garden among the HDB blocks. It looks like people here loves to grow garden plants.
A close up of the Yellow Alder flower. Which is also in the garden.
There were two plant growth area which is out of bound to visitors ( you can walk around but not into it.) This Fountain grass grows in one of them.
It took me awful long time to take a close up of the same plant. The constant wind caused the flower to sway all the time.
Chinese Violet has nice white flowers yet you will see a purple one popping out in between.
Incense Bush sounds like it should smell nice. Unfortunately, I can't smell anything.
The red Hibiscus here looks complicated. This is why it is also called Chinese Rose. I still prefer the plain 5 petaled specie. 
Along the Paya Lebar PC, you see lots of Duranta Dwarf White grown between Spider lily all the way. Very occasionally you will see flowers on the Duranta. I took two sets of picture on the same plant. This one is the best.
Found this nice looking 4 petaled flower plant. Just can't find the name for it.
I had to turn back as the Circle Line Tai Seng MRT is in the center of the PC across the road. It is not a very long distance trip but is quite enjoyable. 

Along the Ballam PC two woman talked to me. One is a shop keeper from China. She was looking at me taking the picture of flowers behind her shop.

The other woman is a Buddhist nun. She started to talk to me while I was trying to take picture of the Walking yellow iris. She started off with the same question as the shop keeper about me taking pictures of plants. Surprisingly, she continues to talk about other things. I don't sense that she has other motives other than just wanting to talk thus patiently listen and responds once a while. 

If I could take the picture properly, I would have said goodbye long ago. But that Iris is so small and the nagging wind keeps blowing. The result is I have to tolerate her continuous talking for more than 10 minutes. I managed to take the picture only after she left.

As usual the route mapped in WikiLoc is here

The full album in Picasa web album is here.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Punggol Promenade

I have cycled at the Promenade and the waterways a number of times. I have not been able to observe the flora around there. This time I made a special walking trip around the Punggol waterways and the Promenade.

The trip started at the Damai LRT. This LRT is the closest to the Punggol waterways. It is just a 50 meter walk from the station to the entrance of the waterway.
The very first plant I noticed is the Yellow Peacock flower.
This dragon fly stays still despite me getting very close to it. It is probably still sleeping or is already dead.
The plan is to walk across to the other side of the waterway. That side is marked as a PCN which I usually cycle through. There is 5 bridges on the waterway. The one nearest to Damai is Kelong bridge.
Just across the bridge is a Heliconia tree with large flowers.
These Orange Jasmine forms a nice shrub fence.
The Flying Goldfish Plant is also near by.
Further down is Ardisia sp.
The Sea Lettuce is a large plant with a tiny flower.
Around the yet to open LRT track, there is a nice purplish color White Weed. It is a climber. Probably grown there no by design.
Morning Glory is such a nice climber that you simply cannot miss. It is all over the place.
Dwarf Fountain Grass was planted along the pathway.  IT is a nice thin grass that is soft looking.
Another tiny flowered climber is found on short grass patch.
This White Heads try to grow above the grass and climbers.
The Mexican-clover is a small climber with tiny flower. Its shape is slight extra ordinary. The flower is supported by 4 leaf and a a bulb.
If you are not afraid of the shakiness of going over a hanging bridge, this one could provide you with a slight entertainment. It is called the Adventure bridge.
Little bell is another type of Ipomoea seen earlier. This flower is much smaller. Notice the leaf is different? There is another common name for this plant. It is called Three lobe morning glory. Probably because of its leaf.
Cupid's Shaving Brush is a small plant growing out of the grass. There is more to it later.
I though mushroom usually grows under the shade. This one is right under the sun. According to bloggers, it is too young to tell the specie. There is one other mushroom picture later which is probably of the same type.
Hairy Indigo is a creeper. it is so small that I hardly notice it.
I had a hard time naming this tree. The new leaf actually grows right at the bottom of the trunk.
Another variegated grass which I am unable to find the name. It is sure nice to look at this ornamental plant.
This man made waterfall don't always run.
Another nice grass which I cannot find the name.
The Giant Sensitive Tree is one big Mimosa plant.
Another sight of the water fountain which is not always on.
Geiger Tree is a nice tree with large orange color flower. It stretches a long way on the foot path.
I simply cannot miss this Golden Thryallis. Previously it took me a long time to find its name till I post on Flickr for help to identify it.
Chinese Ixora is very common. It is even found by the road side.
This Chlorophyllum molybdites mushroom is probably the same type as previously shown mushroom. I am not very sure of its name. Those flora sites usually don't list fungus. It is probably due to the fact that it is of no commercial value.
Beggarticks is a small but very nice wild flower. This one grows near the water. The location of the plant is near the reservoir gate already.
I loved the tender looking Love Vine that grows on both side of the PCN. I once took a blurred picture of it. This time I spent quite some time taking a few pictures of it. I must wait for the wind to stop blowing before I can take the picture. It is worth it. At least I have a large picture of the flower.
There are white species of the same plant.
It sure is lonely walking alone down the lane lined with love vine.

This Lantana sure is colorful.
The Red Ixora beside the road is spectacular.
This wild flower is simply gorgeous. This picture is one of the best shot I have here. Its name is Blue Pea Vine. Its scientific name leads to wild imagination (Clitoria ternatea).
Another wild plant is Indian Beech.
Powderpuff Plant lines the path opposite the Marina country club. They are young thus easily shot.

There are plenty of Geiger trees grown here.
The Blue Snakeweed grows nicely here. Unfortunately, the main shot on the flower itself is blurred due to wind.
White Firecracker Plant grows in abundance here.
Vining Milkweed looks exactly like Golden Thryallis shown earlier. This one is not a shrub. It is a climber.
You simply can't miss Encephalartos hildebrandtii, a type of palm. It is huge.
Purple Fountain Grass is nice purple color grass. Its flower is also purple.
Ivy Gourd is a climber. Its flower is small.
When I reached the promenade, I am surprised that there is a police post on the walkway. Previously I cycled on the path above it thus never notice it.

There are two water ponds on this area. Nice water lily grows on it. It is the first time I am able to shoot it using my Android. It is that close. This one got the best contrast and not over exposed like many white flowers I took.
The Santa Cruz Water Plant besides the water lily is not so nice and few apart. Nevertheless it is still interesting to shoot it.
Bintangor Bunut is another young tree that I can take a shot.
By now I have reached the red pebble path. It is long and empty.
It is so off the way that ants build their highway on it.
Along the way, turned towards Coney Island. Unfortunately it is still closed to public access.

This Rattlebox grows among the glass.
This Wild Water Lemon a passion flower is still not fully open yet when I took a picture of it.
Earlier I mentioned about Cupid's Shaving Brush. Little did I know this picture is its seed. It look like a Dandelion. Just to take this picture, I tried several shots. Due to the glaring sun, I could not see the picture clearly. When aiming, it looks ok but after the shot it look like blurred. I finally gave up and took this last one. It turned out to be super clear and sharp.
This Glory Bush is slightly blurred but still captures the excellent color.
The Indian Shot flower of the Canna family is very strikingly red.
Its seed pod picture is also very sharp.
This tree growing beside the Wave bridge eludes my name search. The flower or bud is very nice. I shot this picture on the bridge.
This large leaved Giant Taro grows beside the condo construction site wall.
Currently there are many condo construction along the waterway. They all took advantage of the waterway attraction. It looks like this waterway is going to turn into rich people's backyard.

This Laurel-leaved Thunbergia hangs over the shed. Very cool color.
Took another picture of the Glory Bush.
On exit to Damai LRT, took this panorama picture of the winding cycling path near the Kelong bridge. Need a lot of skill just to go down this path on bike.
There are actually much more species of flora available in the waterway. I could not take picture of them simply because it is too dangerous to reach, no access, or don't look nice enough to take picture of it. Also skipped a few species because the sun is too hot on the return leg. It took me almost 4 hours just to walk the 11.5 KM. 

A WikiLoc route map is available here.

I got sick of creating custom HTML to accommodate all the pictures of the same specie. This particular trip has 162 pictures. The above is just selected pictures. The photo album is available at