Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Keppel Island

Keppel island is just beside Sentosa island and the main Singapore island. It is linked to the main island by a bridge. This trip starts from Labrador MRT then goes through the bridged part of the Labrador Park. The last trip to Labrador park also goes visited this bridged walkway but did not take much pictures of the plants and flowers. This time round there is an effort to take more flora pictures.

As per my earlier post on Wikiloc, the plant pictures are taken in groups so that it will show as a waypoint in Wikiloc. This make the waypoints more interesting when reader clicks on it. They could see the name of the plant and the groups of picture related to this plant. While the common names of the plants are used here, scientific name are used in Wikiloc to give it a different perspective.

The very first picture is the stream which the bridge goes across and along it. Unfortunately, the flower did not bloom. Can't see the glory.
Took the first plant picture on Beach morning glory. This name is derived from the tag along the bridge railing.
The next plant looks common. It is Shoebutton Ardisia.
Beach Cabbage looks nice but not edible. You can see the name tag on the railing in one of the picture.
This plant is common in Singapore. Its name is probably Lindsaea divergens.
This plant's name is Rattlepod. It has black pod. Probably sound like rattle snake if you shake it.
This variegated Screw pine looks very nice. The scientific name indicates that it is from the Pandan family. The common name should be variegated “Screw pine”.
 Sea Daisy is just a small flower creeping on the floor.
Shoebutton Ardisia is also another plant that was tagged.

Mangrove Fan Palm does not have the full fan look but it does have the shape.

This plant's leave looks thorny. Its name is Holly Mangrove

Pongam Oiltree is the common name of the tag that was displayed. Internet search for the name showed a different plant. But the tag is closest to this plant. Very confusing.

Singapore Daisy is probably a local plant. It is very small.
Another small but beautiful flower is Teruntum Merah.
Palm trees are common in tropical countries. This one whose name I am yet to determine is a roadside plant.
Othalang is a plant whose other name is "suicide plant". I have no idea why it is called such.
After this plant, the bridge is now going over water.
Very much further down, this Goodluck Plant is grown near private condos.
So is this Variegated Mondo Grass.
This is an odd colored plant. It looked like banana leaf but is not. Its name is Wild Banana 'Maurelii'.
This plant is common road side plant of the Plumeria family. Its name is commonly referred to as Red Frangipani.
The path goes behind some private condo with very nice plants and flower on water canals between the building. No picture is taken around here. There is a security guard permanently stationed on the foot path. There is even a security camera near the bridge. Well, since it is not a blocked path, it is open to all.

The bridge looks similar to the one near NTU.

Looking across the bay towards the main island, you can see private boats, the private condo and the Reflection.
There are many sign boards on the bridge introducing the various place of interest. However, it does not necessary point to the right direction. 
This structure looks solid but is actually hollow and has a netting like surface. You can actually see through it if you are near enough.
Cat's Whiskers is a herbal plant. It is used here as a garden plant. There are purple and white variety.
This flower is nice but yet to find its name. It is probably Crepe jasmine.
Sea Lettuce Tree has nice small flower.
A side by side picture will be nice if you know how. Blogger allows this but you need to know how to insert tables in HTML.

Beach Morning Glory is a nice flower that looks like an Elephant Creeper.

This Glory Bush looks gorgeous.

This Kelapa Gading is so common that many people don't notice the difference between its bigger brother and itself.
Plants are hardly flora. This one grows between cement slabs. It is called Thyme-leaf Spurg.
Cannot miss the early morning water sprinkler at work. This one is probably a portable one. Can't get too close otherwise will get wet.
Vietnam Leaf-flower is a leave plant that looks very nice as a fence.

A climber growing by the road side fence. It is the Laurel-leaved Thunbergia. The flower is quite big. Its one of the clear picture in this trip.

Hurricane Palm is another specie that is grown besides roads.
Syzygium campanulatum (cultivar) is a nice hedge plant growing by the road side. 
This Kadok flower is so small that it is often overlooked.
Another very clear flower picture. The color is not that correct though. Subsequent picture shows that it is golden yellow color.  According to Mmmavocado at Flickr "What plant is that?" group, the name is Galphimia gracilis.
This Fountain Grass is grown beside the road too. Its probably one of the few roads that has so many nice plants growing along it.
A small shrub that grows along the main road. It has a pretty long name for a small flower - Jasminum officinale ssp. grandiflorum.
This one is probably the small plant I saw in Bedok Reservoir. Its name is still elusive. Probably called Tropical smoke bush.

This Kalanchoe looks like a succulent but is not.
This trip has the most pictures in all my earlier trips. There are still names which I have a hard time trying to find. It is just a short 5 KM walk but it is really fun seeing so many flora growing.

Note: The name of the plants are obtain via internet picture matching method. It is not always accurate.

A WikiLoc map of the trip with Scientific names as waypoints  is available here.

To see the Picasa album, go here.