Thursday, October 24, 2013

One North MRT to Boena Vista MRT

This trip is mostly centered on One North Park. This trip is unplanned. It is just a small park and thus was prepared to do impromptu adjustments. Previously I did planned for it but went through the park without even taking a single picture. This time I am prepared to walk to every corner of the park.

The trip starts from One North MRT. I exit to the wrong place and turned at the wrong direction due to the GPS still not tracking properly. Thus I almost walk around the shopping mall.

While at One-north Gateway, I saw a man walking towards the MRT. The cute part is that he is walking against the traffic on the road on his left near the center  road divider. Even with minimal vehicle traffic, it seems very inappropriate to walk in such way. I wanted to take a picture but refrained from doing so.

The first tree  I come across is a Indian Banyan Tree. It is actually a Fig specie.

Instead of walking the flat path as previously, I choose to walk up the flights of stairs instead. I saw this huge Rubber Tree (another Fig specie).

Looking further ahead, I saw nothing new and thus decided to turn to the right. I walked towards the flat path.

While walking along the path, I saw a sign board below a tree. This is a Indian Laurel Fig. As the name indicates, it is a Fig specie too. No flower nor fruit is available but the leaves looks nice.

There is a Pink Fragipani tree further down.

There is a path that goes up hill again. This path is actually on top of the man made Water Wall ( a long wall with water overflowing it). The path leads to a dead end. I have to take the zig zag path up hill again. After almost walking round in circles, the path leads to the bottom side of the Water Wall.

At the end of the Water Wall, I found yet another Fig specie. This one is a Weeping Fig.

Further down there is a huge Red Bean Tree. I am surprised that my L27 can take a picture of the seed way up the tree.

Got a bit lost after the tree as the path seems to be going round and round. While looking for a way out, I saw a man picking something from the floor. I went close and saw that he actually picks the Red Bean seed. I asked if he could allow me to take a picture of the seeds. He obliged.

Finally found the correct path to one more Fig tree. This one is also an Indian Banyan Tree but it has the real feel with roots growing from the branches.

After this tree, the path ends at North Buona Vista Rd. Seeing that I barely make it to 3 KM, I decided to take the long way via the Star Vista. The decision was a good choice. There are more nice plants just in front of the shopping center.

This Honeysucker grows there. Although you can see two different colors. They are actually from the same plant.

The Bush Clock Vine flower looks gorgeous especially when the sun shines on it.

This pure blue Lantana looks very beautiful.

In contrast the orange flower from a Flying Goldfish plant, is very striking.

This Giant Sensitive plant is growing just beside the Buona Vista MRT. Unfortunately, the flowers are already dying.

The trip ends at the Buona Vista MRT. Total distance is 3 KM. Interestingly, my Endomondo records only 2.6KM. Usually it records longer distance than WikiLoc.

The plants in this trip is easy to identify. I finished it late last night.

The WikiLoc route map is here.

The full Picasa album is here.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ang Mo Kio MRT to Yio Chu Kang MRT via East and West Park

This trip is generally traversing between two parks in Ang Mo Kio. It is a short but hilly trip. The trip starts from Ang Mo Kio MRT. Unfortunately, it is a rainy day and I wasn't prepared for it. It rained even before I could start the trip. I had to wait for the rain to subside before starting.

The very first plant is a tree beside the MRT. This is a Indian Rosewood.

There are a few flights of steps leading up the hill. Right at the end of the steps is this Lipstick Palm.

There is a big sign board that looks like a half nutmeg. It is not surprising that it is about the nutmeg tree.

I have come across Rubber Trees before but never have any luck of taking a photo of its flower or fruit. Since there is also a Rubber Tree seed shaped sign board, I might as well take a picture of the tree.

Half way round the park, there is another big sign board about Cinnamon Tree. I can't peel off the bark of the tree to see the fresh Cinnamon bark, thus I can only satisfy with just a picture.

This Leopard Lily flower is found growing in Cheng San CC compound.

A patch of Chinese Evergreen grows besides it.

This Balek Angin plant grows further down.
I have to trek backwards to get under the MRT line so that  I could cross over to the West Park. On the way saw this plant that I could not identify at Residences Centre. The slightly bent edge made it look like a thick leaf.

This Pygmy Date Palm grows near the Masjid Al-Muttagin.

Crossing Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 and walking along the PC, I came to the West Park. This Cypress vine grows beautifully in a small garden. However, I could not take a sharp picture due to the rain start to gets heavier. You can see that the lower half of the picture is blurred due to the wind.

There is a few flights of steps up the hill. I decided to brave the rain and go up the staircase to a shed near the top. Along the way managed to snap a picture of the Red Snakeweed. It wasn't very clear as the flower is small and away from the leaves. This picture is taken with flash on.

This Peregrina grows further up the hill.

Previously there is a Leopard Lily now there is a Tiger Orchid. This Orchid plant is grown on top of the hill. The flower picture is from a return journey on a cycling trip last Sunday. If you compare with the Leopard Flower, you will find that they actually look alike except that the latter is a orchid while the former is a Lily.

This Amazon Blue picture is taken before I had to run for cover from the heavy rain.

While waiting at a shed, I noticed that there are quite a number of Joggers and Walkers braving the rain to do exercise on the holiday. Almost all walkers are senior citizens like me. They carry umbrella while walking in the rain. Must admire their spirit of keeping fit even when it rains. There is a girl who jogged in the rain around the park. I met her three times along the way. She must have jogged round and round the park.

When the rain subsides again, I continue the journey. This Taun Tree has been targeted while waiting at the shed. It has very nice red young leaves.

This Golden Shower Tree grows a bit off the route I am going but it is worth while. Unfortunately, there is no flower.

Walking along the edge of the park, I came across this Blue Morning Glory.

This Dracaena specie is found growing in large quantity. It is called Corn Tree probably because of its shape. 

The Akar Mempelas plant is very much further down the path.

Besides it is probably a fig tree which I cannot identify. You can see how wet it is by the water droplets on the fruit.

This Balek Angin grows in the wild.

This Tallow Tree is huge and is found near Mayflower Primary.

Beside the tree is a Lobi Lobi plant with much less fruit than that found in Hort Park. I could not recognize it at first till I wen back to Hort Park and saw the same plant.

Quite near the end of the park on the down slope, I saw a recumbent cyclist. Well, he had to push his three wheeled bike up the hill as it was quite steep and there is a danger that the bike will flip over. That kind of bicycle is sure not built for slopes.

I had to almost run through the rest of the route except some sheltered walk ways along Ave 6. 

The Wikiloc route map is here.

The full Picasa album is here.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Chinese Garden to Bukit Batok

This is a trip from one MRT to another. The main purpose is to go through the Neighborhood Park along the Pie between the two station.

The trip started from Chinese Garden MRT. Got a bit lost along Jurong East Ave 1 before reaching the west end of the park. There is no plants along the way before the park. There is also nothing that interests me in the park till I reached near Jurong Town Hall Rd.

This Lolly Fruit tree was planted by Hong Kah MP. Unfortunately, it is not fruiting season.

Sad to see the sorry state of the sign board. No surprise as it is set more than 14 years ago.

Further down there is a Chiku tree.

You can also find Rambutans growing here.

After crossing the Jurong Town Hall Rd, I came across this variant of a Codiaeum. I prefer the broad leaf version better.

Almost at the end of the park, I found this Wild Cinnamon tree.
After Reaching Bukit Batok West Ave 8, I have to answer to natures call thus had to cut through a morning market to find a toilet. On the way back to the route, saw this Sun Flower on sale at a shop. It is the first flower that I found after walking almost 4 KM.

Found this Japanese Yew in a small garden near Blk 115.

An Australian Pine tree is also in the vicinity.

Just before Bukit Batok Central is this Red Lip tree.

Next to the Red Lip tree is this plant that I failed to identify.

I found this Evodia plant lmost at the end of the trip. Its leaves really have funny shape.
With the second flower picture, the trip comes to an end. It is about 4.5 KM (minus the detour and lost track.)

The Wikiloc route map is here.

The Picasa album is here.