Thursday, January 16, 2014

Botanic Garden

This is the first trip blog of the year after a dull of over a month or so. Actually, I did go for at least one walking trip each week. It is just that I went to the same Botanic Garden but to different part of it. These trips are just for photo taking purposes which I usually don't blog about it. I did the same for Hort Park and GBB.

Since this is 6 trips in a single locality, I think it is worthwhile to show some of the results of the photo taking trips. The following are just some of the excerpts of the photos. The three albums will be listed at the end of this blog.

Peacock flower
Purple Allamanda
 Napal Trumpet Flower
 Unknown climber
 Brazilian Trumpet Vine
 Singapore Cospia
 Canna Indica 'Rose'
 Lipstick Plant
Cassia Flower
 Coffee sp.
Japanese Honeysuckle
 Vietnamese Gardenia
 Butterfly Bush
 Thai Gardenia
 Butterfly Ginger
 Star Jasmine
 Singapore Holly
 Artic Snow
 Caesar Weed
 Glory Bush
 White Water Lily
 White Candles
 Cardinal's Guard
 Vanda 'Miss Joaquim' (One whole garden of the same plant only yield this one flower)
 Tecomaria carpensis 'Orange Form'
 Zigzac Spiderwort (Tiny flower. You can't even see the leaves. Those leaves here belong to another specie).
Peacock Ginger
Diospyros ellipsoidea
 Blue Twilight
 Malay Gooseberry (fruit)
 Barbedos Cherry
 Red Snakeweed (very hard to take picture on this plant. They always turn out blur).
 Red Bleeding Heart
Love Vine
 Bolo Bolo
 Petraeovitex wolfei
 Common Gardenia
 Blue Strawberry (another tiny flower)
 Lapang (Bauhinia family)
 Society Garlic

The six trips were bundled in three albums. More than 1700 photos are taken. Close to 400 unique species were entered. Many of them are just leaves as you must have the right time and right place to take a complete plant information with fruits and flowers.