Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jurong Eco Garden

This trip is specifically for the Jurong Eco Garden near NTU. It was newly opened recently. I had a chance to visit it while part of the park is still under construction. There was not many plant species then.

The place is currently accessible by Bus and cars. It is way too far from the MRT to walk to the park. The Bus service is 199 the only one close enough to the park. You can get the Bus Service from Boon Lay next to Boon Lay MRT.

You should drop on the second bus stop after turning into Nanyang Ave from Jalan Bahar. At the bus stop, while waiting for my equipment to get its GPS fixed, I realize I was standing in the path of swams of millipedes. It is the Armoured millipede.

The Clean Tech One Building is just besides the bus stop. There is a foot path that leads to the side of the building. Half way through the side of the building is a stair case leading up a hill. Use that stair case. The park is just behind the building at the end of the stairs.

This sign board is taken just beside the stair case.

The first thing I do is to turn left to the Summit Lookout. It is just a platform overlooking the park. However, the view is very limited as the park is slender and long. Behind the platform is a sculpture with Blue Club Moss as the ground cover. As usual, I am not touring the place thus does not bother to take a picture of the sculpture.

Looking down at the Moss, I saw a spider waiting for its prey. It is a Brown Sailor Spider. I have taken pictures of this specie before but the morning dew always make it blurred. This time it is quite clear although you still see water droplets. Its probably because the sun is already quiet high at 9am.

There is a Tree Fern planted there. It is new thus stand out clearly.

There are Begonias growing nearby. This specie is a Wavy Watermelon.

Saw a black butterfly. Took a picture of it. At home, I brighten it to the max and realize that it is just a Common Palmfly.

Looking around, I saw a small plant trying to catch the sun under a tree. It is a Redflower Ragleaf. The flower will turn fluffy white later. Unfortunately, the fluffy white flower is blurred due to wrong autofocus thus I will not show it.

The Elephant fern is a weird name. I can't see why it is called so.

This Glittering Caerulean seems to like the moist ground. It is a pretty small butterfly not more than 20mm size.

The Dwarf Crow is comparatively larger even though it is a dwarf.

The Purple Princess does not have flower.

I was disturbed by a bunch of Scaly-brested Munia Birds. Fortunately, they are not elusive. Stayed long enough for me to take zoomed picture of them. These are small birds.

The Casearia plant fruit looks like flower with my blur eye. I only realize that it is a fruit after getting home. The fruit split up revealing the nut.

Gelam flower look like a bottle brush. It is a tree that looks a bit like Acacia.

The Leea plant stood in front of a tag that says Taro. Very confusing labeling indeed.

Another funny name of a plant is here too. It is called Banana Bush. According to bloggers, it name derived from its smell. You guess it right. It is banana smell.

There were a group of butterflies gathering at a almost dried stream. One of them is the Orange Enugrant.

It stayed still and the sun is bright. Thus this picture is super clear.

Another butterfly is the Lemon Emigrant. It is beautiful with white fore wing and yellow hind wing.

The Motted Emigrant is pale compared with the former two.

There is a trail in the park. It is about one KM long. At least you see the original nature that was there before the park come into place.

The Malayan Eggfly is resting along the trail.

The uncooperative Malay Baron just don't allow me to get a nice picture of it even though it hangs around near me.

The Purple Bush Brown is more cooperative.

This Thai Pea Eggplant seems to be wild. Possibly planted there on purpose.

The trail leads to a Kiln. The only other Kiln besides Thow Kwang (Dragon Kiln) in Singapore. I walked on the road then turn in to the park again. Along the way saw this Purple-leaved Buttonweed. Its a small plant but nice.

This Lesser Dart shot out of nowhere in front of me as if it asked to be photographed. Cute and odd looking little fella.

At the entrance of the park, this Asian Koel just becons to be picture of the day star. I keep walking closer and closer but it did not even try to avoid me. Unfortunately, it is too shy to stand in the open thus I can only get a out of focus shot. It is almost impossible to auto focus on this bird like that.

Saw this Graceful Spurge growing besides the pathway. It is a small plant.

Saw some plants on the other edge of the pond. No foot path available. Undecided whether to risk it just for one plant. Then, I saw another plant further down. It is then I decided to walk at the edge of the pond to get to them.

The first plant is African Morningvine. At first I though it is a Morning Glory but could not find a match. Finally, after a few hours of searching, managed to identify this plant.

The second plant is even harder to identify. I settled for a plant that does not seems to be found in Singapore or nearby region as it matches the features quite well even though it is a temperate country plant (North America/Canada). I could be wrong.

Like many men, I also like to look at naked woman. Just can't avoid taking a picture of this ceramic sculpture in Thow Kwong Kiln.

Since there is only one way out of the park, I have to go on the same path as before. Saw this Caladium (Elephant Ear). It looked unreal especially when it is grown very near the kiln. I missed it totally on the way in.

A Dingy Bush Brown just stay still long enough for me to have a shot.

At the staircase near the Clean Tech One. This Glistering Caerulean wants to get on the last stage.

The whole trip is slightly more than 4KM.

The wikiLoc map is useless as you don't see the place in any map. It is currently a blank space with just the three buildings. The picture right at the beginning of this blog serves better purpose to guide any one who is interested to visit.

The picasa album is here.