Saturday, July 26, 2014

How I keep WikiLoc alive in my Android

Recently, I got a Huawei Honor 3C for free (with redeemed vouchers). This phone has aggressive power saving features. Problem is that it seems to be functioning poorly when I don't want to save power. I need to turn on a certain app even when screen lock is turn on. It simply refused accept my settings.

There is a system app called "Protected Application". This seemingly is one application that keeps other application alive when screen lock is on. However, only certain program of mine like OSMAnd can stay alive with the setting. Both WikiLoc and Endomondo did not.

At first I though it is some of the App Management program of mine like "Advanced Task Killer" that automatically kills at a regular interval. Setting the two app in the ignore list does not help. Uninstalling the "Advanced Task Killer" also does not help either.

The next thing I tried is to set the "Protected Application" mode to "Normal" instead of "Efficient". It does not work.

The only other choice is to root the Android. Luckily, there is already a root program written specifically for the 3C. Took quite some time to get it rooted. Tried to use AppFreezer, but cannot find the power program to freeze.

Ultimately, tried to make WikiLoc as a system program. Installed two programs that could make an app a system app and vice versal. Uninstalled one and left "System App Converter" running. Started WikiLoc and then lock the screen. Half an hour later, it is still running. Decided to leave it running over night. The next day it was still running.

While writing this blog, tried to find the "Protected Application" icon, it was not there. I did not specifically uninstall it thus it must be one of the "Make system app" that removed it or Huawei remotely removed it.

In the end, I have absolutely no idea how I did it. Anyhow, as long as WikiLoc is running fine, it is ok for me.

Post notes. Looking at the list of freezed applications in AppFreezer, I realized that there is an app called Phone Manager. It was a useless app as there is already similar function in Settings so I freezed it. It turned out that the app also contains the power management program that I was trying to disable. By freezing the app, the power management program is also freezed. I did it without realizing. Now I will try to make WikiLoc a normal progam and see if it is killed again.

It looks like I have to keep it as system app. Removing Phone Manager does not help.