Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Case of two Cyclists on PCN

The scene started at the junction of Hougang Ave 7 and Tampines Rd. I stopped at the road junction. This guy with a Dahon came up besides me. The first thing he looked at is my bike. Well, nothing to look at. I am having a cheapo bike.

At the start of the Serangoon PC, he starts to overtake me. Looking at the speed he is going, he probably travel at well above 25KPH. Since the PC is quite empty, I start to give chase. After a while I caught up with him and noticed that he travels at 30KPH.

It is not normal I go at the same speed when there are other users on the road so I slowed down whenever there are pedestrians along the way then speed up to catch up.

He is keenly aware of my presence and keeps looking back at me when I am very near him. Interestingly, he did not try to shake me off. I never have intention to overtake so I just keep a short distance behind him. So we keep playing tag on and off till Ponggol way via PPN PC.

I had to stop at the street crossing for safety reason. He just crossed it without even pausing. On Serangoon Way, he did the same. Since I am going onto Serangoon Way, I do not intend to keep up again. We parted way from there.

He is young and on a branded fast bike. I am old with a average hybrid bike and a bag of tools. There is no way I could overtake him and keep it that way. It is simply too dangerous to race on a PC. I just want to see what he can do with a nice bike like that since he have an "atas" look when he first encounters me.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Insects mimicking Preditors

Often you see pictures of insects or animals that looks like predators. They have big spots that looked like eyes, shape of snake, etc. Do they intentionally  evolved to look like one?

My hypothesis is like this. In the process of evolution, the specie have developed with features that resembles predators. Since other animals are afraid of predators, their chance of survival gets better thus they multiply.

As evolution goes, it developed further and those that by chance enhances the feature get better chance of survival and passed down the gene.

Through many generations, the selective survival of those who evolved towards predatory look makes the animal looked more like the predator and today we see the result of the survived specie.

The evolution theory of "survivor of the fittest" does not means that only the strong survived. It actually means that the specie is able to survive by their strength, ability, features or properties. It is the ability to avoid being eliminated.