Saturday, July 04, 2015

A case of two cyclist again

Was cycling on Upper Thomson Road towards the East. This cyclist on a MTB was cycling on foot path. I am cycling on the road. I am travelling at 28-30KPH. Overtook him after SLE. Did not notice till I slowed down at a slope. He was trying to catch up.

He was on a MTB and on footpath. I was on a hybrid and is on road. There is no way he could catch up as it is impossible to go fast on footpaths. Unlike the previous case, I have no hindrances to slow me down. He has plenty. Anyhow, he could not play tag with me as I am simply too fast.

There is only one instance where he actually catches up. After I am aware of his efforts. I simply keep at 30KPH and he could not even be seen. He finally managed to catch up when I stopped at traffic lights at Yio Chu Kang Rd. I don't know whether he turned off or stopped after that. As it is down slopes after the junction, I go easily at 32-36KPH till Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 where I slow down and turned into it.

Cycling on footpath at over 20KPH in the early morning is dangerous as the footpath is not designed for cycling and visibility is poor. Even cycling on PCN has its many dangers already. I do not want to encourage him to speed so I make it impossible for him to catch up rather than allow him to play tag with me at my my usual slower pace.